Slick Technique Scorches Body Fat & Blasts hGH

It’s very common to get locked into thinking about workouts and cardio as static, compartmentalized workouts, instead of fluid activities that can occasionally take different shape for the greater good. Nothing could conform to that more than sprint training for conditioning. Low vs. Slow Workout veterans of the 1980s, 1990s – and to large degree, […]


20 Tips for BUILDING 10 lbs of MUSCLE in 20 WEEKS

We’ve all seen the books touting the habits of highly successful people and somehow assume it couldn’t possibly work since it’s so basic. But that’s the beauty of good habits – they’re usually almost stupidly simple and, if followed, work to deliver their basic promise with ease. Whether it’s a new job search, a prized […]

Massive Traps In 8 Weeks In 3 Simple Exercises

Like the calves, traps are a smaller muscle group – and one that is often forgotten, or simply lumped into other work.


The 4 Big Rules Of Bigger Biceps

Building big biceps can seem almost effortless for some, where it becomes an actual enigmatic science experiment whose secrets take years to unlock. By now we know this because there are so many methods for achieving mass gains…


How To Pick Junk Food That’s Good For You

Q: Between sugars, fats and glycemic-spiking foods, it’s hard to know anymore what I can splurge on and eat and still be healthy and lean. Are there “good for you” junk foods out there? And if so, what are they? A: Don’t you just hate it when someone responds to this type of question with: […]

pouring milk in a glass isolated

Milk For Mass: What Kind of Dairy Helps Build Muscle

Q: Can you successfully use dairy to build mass? What about raw dairy milk – is it better than regular milk? A: Adding mass is a puzzle – there is no one answer that addresses the equation of what it takes to pack on mass. Good nutrition, good balance of nutrients, times of day you […]

How To Be A Gluten-Free Bodybuilder (And Why It’s Better)

Gluten allergies are not only more common place, but are believed to be more